Nobel Trust Herbal Clinic adjudged the best Liver Treatment Centre

Nobel Trust Herbal clinic has been adjudged the Best Liver Treatment Centre of the Year at the 5th Traditional and Alternative Medicals award 2021-2022 ceremony.

The event was organized by the Traditional Medical Council Practice under the Ministry of Health and the AfricMedia Galaxy in Accra.

The awards organized by AfricMedia Galaxy, a leading events management firm in Ghana, celebrated individuals and companies in the traditional and alternative medicine industry for their outstanding achievements in their various fields in the year under review.

The facility, which specializes in using herbal and alternative medicine in curing liver, heart, kidney, and other diseases, was recognized in Ghana for its expertise in heart-related conditions.

The clinic have become one of the leading health centres in the country providing effective and high-quality healthcare for patients especially with heart conditions since it begun it operations 15 years ago.

They have as well specialised in acute and chronic diseases such as stroke, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, infertility, prostate disorder, high blood pressure and other conditions.

Dr George Donkor CEO of Nobel Trust Clinic in an interview after the awards expressed his profound gratitude to the organisers for recognising his contribution in promoting quality and affordable health care through herbal and alternative means.

He told that the facility is outstanding for it’s core value to use the principle of diffusion in treating liver conditions.

He said they were recognised for this innovative way of treatment of liver conditions.

The facility he noted have a track record of bringing the liver back to normal irrespective of how bad the condition is.

He said the services have helped several individuals both in Ghana and abroad.

He explained that poor liver treatment could have serious implications for other organs of the body.

He said “liver treatment is not easy. When poorly done, it could damage other organs of the body including the heart, kidney, lungs, and other parts of the body. It requires proper research and proper treatment methods to prevent other damages to other organs that depend on the liver.”


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