No amount of arrest will stop us-Citizens of Western Togoland

President of the Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland Daniel Yevuga has reiterated that no amount of arrest of their members will prevent them from demanding their independence.

He said the issue needs to be addressed hence the authorities of Ghana should sit unconcerned.

He indicated that about 90% of their members have now realised where they come from and want their independence declared.

Daniel Yevuga said citizens of the Western Togoland are wondering why the state always withdraw from their cases when members are arrested and brought before a court.

It can be recalled that the people of Western Togoland have put a petition to claim their independence.

According to him, they will pursue their mission until they get to their target of gaining their freedom.

Yevuga noted several groups have emerged demanding for the same thing and no amount of intimidation and arrest will stop them.

He claims the fundamental human rights have always been abused but they have come to the point of no return in becoming a state on its own.


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