Nipadua mu nsem premiers on TV Africa

Award-winning health talk show Nipadua mu nsem has been premiered on TV Africa.

The program is the brainchild of Noble Trust Herbal Clinic, and its CEO Dr. George Donkor gives viewers education on their general health, how to understand the workings of the body and how to prevent diseases from attacking the human body.

In an interview with Dr. George Donkor, he said “it is my wish to extend to a larger audience our teachings on understanding the human body and how to prevent diseases. That’s why we have premiered the program on TV Africa as well. With its record of long existence and far-reaching, we believe we can reach a larger audience with our health education.”

Nipadua mu nsem airs on TV Africa every Monday 5:30-6:00 pm and Saturdays 4:00-500pm on Homebase TV.

Nobel Trust Herbal clinic was last month adjudged the overall best Herbal clinic of the year 2020 at the 4th award ceremony.

The event was organised by the West African Traditional Alternative Medical Awards in Accra.

The facility, which specializes in using herbal and alternative medicine in curing liver, heart, kidney, and other diseases, was recognized in Ghana for its expertise in heart-related conditions.

Nobel Trust Clinic also won two other awards which include the best heart disease treatment centre of the year and best TV talk show of the year 2020 dubbed “Nipa Dua Mu Nsem”.

Nobel Trust Herbal clinic has expertise in treating acute and chronic diseases such as stroke, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, infertility, prostate disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes among others.


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