NIA workers bused from Accra to Oti for Ghana card registration paying for own accommodation & transportation-Worker reveals

Some Commissioners of Oath working for the National Identification Authority (NIA) have accused the authority of ill-treating them.

One of the workers (name withheld) who spoke to Frontline Host Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said the authority asked them to pay for their transportation and accommodation to and from the registration centre.

According to him, the NIA told them it could not pay for their accommodation and transportation, a situation he described as terrible and painful.

He also alleged that they have not been paid from May to June.

He indicated although they have a contract which mandated the NIA to pay them, they have not received the payment.

The explanation gave them he said was that they did receive payment because they were not deployed to work between these two months.

He said currently, ‘’we are in Oti region, we are working in 9 districts in the region but after we were transported to the region, the NIA has refused to cater for our accommodation and transportation but in our case, the NIA has refused to provide us with accommodation and transportation. Some of us were3 recruited in Accra and sent to Oti Region but as I speak, we have not been provided with any accommodation.’’
He said some of them have to travel for more than an hour to the registration centres from where they have lodged.

”The NIA has taken us for a ride, they think we are fools but we are not. They did not make provision for our accommodation, they did not provide us with any form of transportation. We are responsible for our accommodation,” he lamented.

He further disclosed there was no feeding allowance for the workers.


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