NDC sponsored ISSER’s latest research to attack gov’t-NPP

A communications team member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Agyenim Boateng has accused the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) of sponsoring the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research at the University of Ghana, to conduct a research which has called for the scrapping of some ministries and a review of the free senior high school policy.

He said the research conducted by the department at the university is sham and does not match the true state of affairs.

A Senior Research Fellow at ISSER Dr. Charles Ackah says the government needs to take a hard look at some of its expenditures in the face of the domestic revenue shortfall.

Speaking at ISSER’s launch of the 2018 State of the Ghanaian Economy and the 2019 Mid Year Review, Dr. Ackah explains that the government needs to review its spending as a number of the new initiatives don’t add to growth.

“We are asking the government to look at efficiency on the expenditure side and prioritize efficiency. We have seen that the government is sacrificing capital expenditure for goods and services. The capital expenditure is needed for growth…as this is the money that goes into infrastructure development etc.

Government is rather spending money on so many initiatives…if you don’t have enough resources, shouldn’t we begin to discuss the Free SHS program and look at whether it should be free for everybody or whether we should go and do proper targeting and support the poorest households”

Shouldn’t we begin to discuss some of the Ministries we have and see whether we still need them? For instance the Ministry for Inner City and Zongo Development, what are they doing and what value are we getting for the resources.

Can those issues be tackled by the MMDAs without necessarily having a Ministry? The kind of expenditure they are making there, are they growth-enhancing,” the ISSER Senior Research Fellow added.

Reacting to the study, the NPP communicator said the institute failed to provide solutions, but rather criticised the government unfairly.

He said the policies of the NPP has improved and reshaped Ghana’s economy.

The call to scrap some ministries he added are unnecessary because they have served a great purpose.

”I know those who are behind those things. The NDC should come out and tell us why they want the Zongo Ministry scrapped,” he said.

The Railway Ministry he indicated has performed well since it was established hence cannot be scrapped.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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