NABCO was introduced to reward NPP members & win elections for NPP-ILAPI Boss

President of policy think tank Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, Peter Bismark Kwofie has once again taken on the government on the implementation of the Nation Builders’ Corps.

The fierce critic of the policy maintained that the policy was a political one means to win the government more votes.

He asserted that the policy served two important purposes i.e to compensate the youth wing of the NPP party after the 2016 elections and to buy for votes in the 2020 elections in exchange for permanent jobs.

He explained that we failed to distinguish between a national interest policy and a party interest policy.

“What we failed to do is to differentiate between a National Interest Policy and Party Interest Policy. The former is important for national development and the latter for vote buying and to maintain the regime.

NABCO is a party interest employment program that wasted taxpayers contributions and such is many other policies of previous governments.”

He stressed that the E-Levy is a legal theft.


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