My wish was for the artistes I’ve managed to buy me a car @ age 50-Kwesi Ernest

Managing Director – Media Excel Productions, Kwesi Ernest, who is also a Music Consultant | Music Producer | Artiste Manager has disclosed on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that his greatest wish for his 50th birthday was for any of the musicians he has managed to buy him a car.

Speaking exclusively to Sokoohemaa Kukua on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, he said aside from his wishes for long life, good health and prosperity, he had wished that at age 50, one of his managed artistes would have gifted him a car.

”I prayed to God and told him I don’t want to be 50 and sitting in a wheelchair, or crippled or sick. But aside from this wish, It was my greatest desire that for all the sufferings I have suffered in the hands of humanity, for the artistes I have managed, all these lifestyles, it was my wish that someone would have looked at me and gifted me a car. That was my wish.”

Mr. Ernest said he is aware there several people willing to do this for him but they may lack the resources now.

Another wish for him was for him to open his own mansion at age 50.

Meanwhile, he has asked all those he has wronged to forgive him.

He also asked people to serve people who hate them and love because it is a bigger breakthrough for people.

He advised Ghanaians not to habour hatred, bitterness and any form of negativity.


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