Musician releases first LGBT themed song to address homophobia

Film director cum musician Philip NeeWhang has explained the rationale behind his controversial song ‘Here We Go’.

Speaking exclusively to, the graduate of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) said his inspiration was derived from how society, impose certain stereotypes on others.

The creative mind said society always judge others when they themselves do things in their secret places.

Philip NeeWhang whose song addressed homophobia, which is the dislike of or prejudice against Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender + (LGBT+) people slammed people who fuel such acts saying, these individuals go after the services of sex workers, abort pregnancies and yet these some people have the gust to tell the LGBT community that they will go to hell.

He was of the view that there is nothing which is normal and people in the majority would always create things to govern them and so, the activities of the LGBT community are seen ass not normal because the majority of people in our society are perceived to be straight people.

‘Here We Go’ is an Original West African Music originally written and performed by Philip NeeWhang and Kweenaba (@Kween Naba Tv ) of Attaa Adwoa Fame ( in reference to the hit video by BOSOM P-YUNG – Attaa Adwoa).

When asked what the reaction towards the song has been he said ”it has been positive because people are beginning to realise that the world that we live in is dynamic with different lifestyles”.

According to him, he has received positive reviews from his former lecturers and friends and that alone shows he has done something positive.

In responding to whether he identifies with the LGBT+ community, the director said he has always being tagged as a gay since he was a child because he is a bit feminine.

”So to have peace with myself, and since have been pushing me down that path, I don’t care. We are human beings and each person deserves respect and freedom to be themselves as long as they are not doing anything to harm anyone.”

Philip, already have 4 more songs to his credit addressing different social issues and they are; ‘The Voice’, ‘Good Love’, ‘Wala (Life), and ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’.

Watch the music video below


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