Musician attacks govt over corruption, sanitation with ‘Borla Nkoa’ track

Warrior King of music fame duo Rulers Empire Official has released his latest track dubbed ‘BORLA NKOA’.

The track talks about the inability of our leaders in Africa especially Ghana to deal with corruption, poor sanitation, and other issues affecting citizens.

The artiste in the song slammed the current government for failing to deliver on making Accra the cleanest city in Africa.

He wondered why filth has engulfed the city despite our desire to be like the developed countries.

He also bemoaned the rate at which we keep borrowing from the west and yet, we waste several million through corruption.

He said if we should deal with corruption, we will reduce our appetite for loans.

He indicated through the song that our leaders steal resources from the state and send them into their foreign accounts at the expense of ordinary Ghana.

The song also tackled poor management of our mineral resources, poor roads, and lack of infrastructure.

Star Boy Warrior speaking to this website about the song said musicians are to use their talent to address issues affecting people in their countries.

He opined that when leaders fail the people, it is the responsibility of the people to talk and call them to account.

He added, what musicians can do is to use their creative minds to call on our leaders to address unemployment, poor roads, corruption, poor sanitation, and any other issues affecting the people.


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