Music is lucrative but not easy to breakthrough-Chekoda

Music engineer and fast-rising artiste Chekoda, who is originally known as Ankama Richmond has stated music is lucrative when the artiste involved is serious.

The rap and hip-hop artiste who wants to use music to mend the broken heart told that music is not just a craft but a business that should yield returns.

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He opined that just like business persons invest and expect returns, every musician should invest and make profits from their craft.

He said breaking into the music industry has been a challenge for new artistes from all genres with several of them vying for attention and gigs.

The system in the country he noted is not so favourable for new artistes and for one to break into the scene, you should be creative, talented and disciplined.

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He stated that getting the inspiration for new songs, finding the right melody or beat, and dealing with promotion is not easy for any new talent in Ghana and even across the world.

To him, the whole process can be overwhelming, especially considering the constant flux the music industry presents.

Chekoda told this website that to be successful, a talented artiste must create music an audience wants to hear.

He argues that be successful as a musician, you have to be your own boss and create a strong and unique presence in the industry.

”It is important that musicians channel their passion into releasing great tracks, create an acceptable image, and target audience for the music you create.”

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When asked Ghanaian musician he admires most, he settled on Sarkodie describing him as brilliant, creative and most successful Ghanaian musician.

He said Sarkodie has managed to break boundaries and sold Ghana to the world.

He wants to follow on this path to be successful hence his obsession for Sarkodie.


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