Multi-party democracy causing us more harm, we need our own system of governance- Pan-Africanist

Pan-Africanist Mark Anim Yirenkyi has underscored the need for Ghana to the current system of multi-party democracy and develop our own political system devoid of partisanship.

The celebrated musician us if tge view that the current optical system and practice in Ghana has divided us, created hatred, division and greed.

He told Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that the system we practice today, breeds corruption, greed, selfishness, pull him down and lack of development.

He asserted that Ghana lacks a national development plan with political parties developing unrealistic manifestos which they are unable to deliver.

He said we need a national plan with long-term benefits which will hold leaders accountable and force them to achieve these plans no matter the person leading.

He underscored the need for Africans and especially Ghanaians to renew their minds and go back to their true values.

He also lamented that Africa lacks economic freedom and independence.

“We fight and kill ourselves and pretend to be united. We are not united because the system came to divide us. If we can develop the country, we need to drop the partisan politics, drop selfishness, and greed and adopt a united front and chart our own path so we can develop.”

He said we have vast lands but we have been unable to manage it, we export all our raw materials without adding any value to them.

They came (colonial masters) to divide us but in their countries, they are not divided. We are divided by education, we are divided by religion, and we are divided by governance.”

He further opined that opposition political parties have the brightest of ideas but when they get the opportunity to rule, they mess up the system.

We are divided into so many parties, every four years we fight and kill ourselves and after that, we come together to pretend to be united. We are not united, we are divided along partisan lines. If we want to develop, we have to drop the partisan politics and adopt a new system of governance. But it is very difficult because someone is ruling the world,” he added.


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