Mother of Suzzy Williams could sue for murder or manslaughter if…Lawyer

A private legal practitioner, lawyer Osei Junior (popularly known as lawyer JD) has said the mother of late Suzzy Williams could have reported the doctor who she claimed ‘murdered’ her daughter to the police for prosecution for murder or manslaughter.

She could have made a case for medical negligence within three years after the alleged incident occurred or after she became aware of the facts.

The lawyer said per the laws of Ghana, the mother had a period of three years to have filled a civil claim for medical negligence against the doctor and the hospital where the incident occurred.

According to him, she missed the opportunity to bring the issue to court for civil proceedings for medical negligence.

He was however quick to add that the allegation could also be pursued criminally with charges such as murder or manslaughter.

The lawyer said that criminal cases including murder and manslaughter cases have no limitations or timelines under the law. With enough evidence from the one alleging, the case could be pursued even after 14 years.

He explained that if the mother has hardcore evidence to support her claims, she could go ahead and report the incident to the police to have the doctor arrested and prosecuted.

”That is the side of the story of the mother. We have no heard from the doctor but let assume what the mother said was true. There are two parts i.e the allegation of murder or manslaughter which is a criminal case. With the allegation of murder, she can make a report to the police. As for murder, there is no time limit. If you have a piece of evidence, you can go to court. The problem is whether she has the evidence to prove her case. We cannot order an autopsy to prove since it is now 14 years. But it is not too late, she can report the case. But for medical negligence, it is three years,” he told Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

Mother of actress Suzzy Williams, as for the first time after 14 years disclosed that her daughter was murdered.

Madam Cecilia Williams said she believed her daughter was murdered.

“So, I passed by and I pulled the window down, [I saw a] long fair coloured [doctor] hold the hair from behind with a straw into Suzzy’s nose. That is what I saw and I can never ever forget it.”

“I asked the young doctor why, he said this way is better, once and for all, after all, if she survived she would be a burden on me,” Madam Cecilia revealed on Restoration with host Stacey Amoateng.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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