More than 45,000 Russian soldiers killed, Ukraine says

Ukraine’s military says that more than 45,000 Russian troops have been killed since President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion in February.

In a Facebook post, the Ukrainian military’s general staff wrote that some 45,500 troops have been killed so far. The BBC cannot independently verify this claim.

Moscow closely guards military casualty numbers, and has not issued an update since 25 March when it said some 1,351 soldiers had been killed. Western officials have alleged that the true figure is somewhere between 15-20,000 troops killed in action.

BBC research found that at least 5,416 troops had been killed in fighting in Ukraine.

The figures were arrived at by recording announcements made by government officials, universities and state and local media. However, the number is not a reflection of the full extent of losses and Russia’s true casualty numbers are likely far greater.

Source: BBC

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