Minority raise questions over missing excavators

The Minority in Parliament has accused the police of a covering-up the case involving some 500 missing excavators seized from illegal miners.

The Minority is wondering why after 6 months some 500 went missing, the government has not done anything about it.

The Minority’s Spokesperson on Mines Adams Mutawakilu addressing a press conference said the police will never be able to get to the bottom of the issue because NPP officials and are responsible for the missing excavators.

“The police will not be able to investigate because the 500 excavators were actually shared among ministers, government appointees and party apparatchiks,” he said.

“Who told you the police remain independent when the [CID Boss] was speaking for the government…calling people to tell them not to expose the government?” he quizzed.

He said a future NDC government will investigate and prosecute those responsible including Prof. Frimpong Boateng.

“The Minister has promised several times that they will be retrieved and as we speak they have not been retrieved.

“That is why President Mahama has made it clear that when voted into power, he will investigate, retrieve and give it back to the owners.

He added that the NDC will set up a board to manage these small scale mining to facilitate “legal properly management mining” in Ghana.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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