It is outrageous to spend Gh¢597 million on hand sanitizers-Minority to govt

The Minority through its Ranking Member on the committee of Health who doubles as MP for Jaboso Hon. Kwabena Mintah Akandoh has emphatically stated that the minority will insist on the details of the expenditure of COVID-19.

He explained that the expenditure given by the government indicates in 2020 they used an amount of Gh¢343 million on hand sanitizers and nose marks.

Meanwhile in the 2022 budget government stated that an amount of Gh¢597 million was used to purchase sanitizers and nose marks in 2021.

This the Minority believes does not add u and the government must account for the money.

In a press conference held today, Mr. Akandoh noted that government is not serious and has failed to combat the spread of COVID-19.

“Government has failed in the target to vaccinate about 20 million people because only 2.5 people got vaccinated he revealed.

“My information indicates that some of the vaccines are even getting expired, are we waiting for all these vaccines to get expired and throw them away? The cheaper thing to do at this point is for government to take action on the deployment of the vaccination process”. he said.

According to him, the government failed to educate the masses about vaccination.

We want to know the number of vaccines received from other countries as donations and also seek to know the number of vaccines bought by the government and processes leading to the purchase.

Ghana since its recording of COVID-19 cases has spent an amount of Gh¢15 billion which the minority needs better and proper accountability, he added.


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