Martha Bissah apologizes to Prof. Dodoo & GAA for falsely accusing them of extortion

After three years of accusing the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) of fleecing her, US-based Ghanaian athlete, Martha Bissah, has written to apologise to Professor Francis Dodoo and the Association.

The athlete in her apology letter said she wrongly accused the Association.

The female athlete was suspended indefinitely in 2016 after she accused the association’s officials, headed by Professor Dodoo at the time.

Bissah accused the GAA of extortion.

She was asked to apologize to have the ban lifted but failed to do so.

She later got a scholarship and move to the United States after winning gold medal at the 2014 Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China.

Martha Bissah | SportsWorldGhana

Bissah has now written a letter to the GAA apologizing for her actions after six years of making the allegations.

“I wish to humbly express my sincerest apology and utmost regret for my behavior towards the Ghana Athletics Association in general and Professor Francis Dodoo in Particular sometime in 2015.

“I am really sorry for my unprofessional and immature behavior as well as my subsequent defamatory comments.

“I know my actions have damaged our working relationship and hope this broken relationship will be restored to enable us work together again.
“I assure you that I will not act in that manner again.

“Please accept my apologies.”


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