Marriage is sweet but it can collapse when built on lies-Musician

Ghanaian gospel musician Abena Serwaa Ophelia has opined that marriage but on lies and mistrust does not last.

Appearing on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said marriage is sweet and honour but the ones that are built on trust is bound to crash.

She told host Sokoohemaa Kukua that the couple is bound to be truthful, avoid lies because that is a recipe for disaster in the marriage.

Abena Serwaa Ophelia said when one partner loses trust in the other, it will potentially end the marriage no matter how long the marriage lasted.

To women, she asked them to see their husbands as best friends or boyfriends because when you do so, you would not be ashamed to do anything with them.

In her view, marriage is ”sweet” and every woman must be proud and honoured if married.

She said women who are not married have no honour, but that can only happen when there is trust.


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