Man, 40, found dead in hotel room

A man believed to be in his 40s has been found dead in a hotel room at Pokuase in Accra.

The deceased had booked the hotel together with another lady for an hour, the Police has said.

According to the Police, it received a complaint from one Kofi Sintim the manager of the Climax Hotel, where the deceased and the lady had booked a room.

The Police in its report disclosed that the staff of the hotel heard the lady crying and shouting for help to which they rushed in only to find/saw the gentleman lying dead on the bed with foam from his mouth as such informing the Police.

The issue had occurred an hour after the two had booked the room.

A team from the Police were deployed to the scene and found an adult male aged 40 known as Albert Agomavi lying dead in the supine position wearing Jean trouser.

The room, as well as the body of the deceased, was carefully examined and no marks were found.

The body was photographed, removed, and conveyed to the police hospital mortuary where it was deposited for preservation awaiting autopsy, the Police said.

The lady, Ophelia Tofa is in custody to assist the Police with the investigation.

Meanwhile, the deceased pockets were searched and found an aphrodisiac drug known as Dragon Spray that enhances or prolonged sexual intercourse.

Later the father in law of the deceased who’s a Fire Service personal/officer and other family members arrived at the scene and primarily findings unearthed that, the deceased was hypertensive and on drugs coupled with aphrodisiacs.

This is said to have caused his heart failure but officials are awaiting to confirm the cause of death.


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