Maame Pokua Sawyerr has failed Agona East, she must be kicked out-Independent Candidate

Independent parliamentary aspirant in the Agona East constituency Tony Nii Adjetey Adjei has opined that the current MP for the constituency Queenstar Maame Pokua Sawyerr is a failure despite the several years she has represented the constituents.

The MP he lamented does not account to the people and only comes to them during an election.

To him, an MP should not only concentrate on formulating laws but make an impact in the lives of the people, a skill the current MP[ lacks, he added.

He slammed her for failing to lobby for the constituency even when her party was in government.

The candidate said his decision to contest was borne out of the fact that there is no leadership for the people.

Agona East he said is endowed and there should be some level of knowledge applied to help the constituents especially the unemployed youth.

The major challenge confronting the residents he noted is the lack of jobs in the area.

He has therefore promised to use his experience and skills to create opportunities for the people.

He is also seeking to promote quality education through leadership and competence.

The professional teacher who teaches biology at the Achimota Secondary School suggested all the leaders and MPs who had the opportunity to represent the people did not do anything meaningful for the people but only wait till an election then they come and share rice and other items and leave the people after winning power.

”I have great plans for the constituency. I have already started some initiatives. On jobs, we have started farming blocs and employed some 30 persons and will soon expand to 50 acres. This will create jobs for several young people. We will link this initiative with the one district one factory policy, add value to our farm produce.”

His five key pillars hinge on Education, Health, Road infrastructure
Agriculture and Sports and Recreation.

On infrastructure he is planning to construct a youth development centre where table tennis talents would be scouted for the national team.

According to him, even if he does not win, he will embark on these initiatives.

He disclosed some investors are already on board and after the construction, he will start competitions among schools to help unearth talents in the constituency.

He plans to also enhance the professional development of teachers through exchange programmes.

”We can do it. Already, I’ve had some private investor who wants to construct a multi-purpose 150 seater library for the constituency.”

The library will have sports facilities, cafeteria and other facilities. This project will create direct and indirect jobs.

The candidate said parliament gives people the leverage to lobby and engage with stakeholders to help them impact the lives of constituents and that is something he wants to do.

Residents who have plans to learn a trade he announced would be supported and after training, they would be given a start-up capital.

On health, he plans to construct a hospital for the constituency to help them access healthcare.

”Parliamentarians exist to bring the people closer to governance, inspire hope and guide to shape the lives of their people. These are my core principles as a candidate. Our leaders have left our youth to wallow in their state of hopelessness and poverty. Their MPs should be able to lobby and get them opportunities for jobs and a better life. I am a candidate with passion. I will be transparent, respect the conscience of the people and lead initiatives to liberate our constituency.”

He was speaking to Kwabena Agyapong on Eboboba on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.


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