Love for money by industry players depriving us of talents-Crane

Ghanaian rapper, Chymny Crane has opined that the Ghanaian music scene is influenced by money instead of talent.

He asserted that if you are a new artiste and you don’t have money to pay your way through, you will not be able to break through the industry.

He explained that he has come to understand that when you are an artiste, and you don’t grease the hands of industry players, you would not get the popularity you deserve.

He quizzed “should musicians be cheated, for them to complain before they are recognized?”

He said bureaucracy, manipulation, and corruption have destroyed the music scene allowing people without the talent to buy their way through to stardom.

He told sit-in host Chris Tsormanah that if industry players including presenters concentrate on talents instead of money, the industry will transform.

He said, “you need to know a presented somewhere before your song is played but take a look at Yaw Tog, he is blown without these things. Social media helped him and now he is recognized globally. Our industry sleeps on talent and focuses on money. It has made musicians lazy because they know with money, they can buy their way through”.


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