Live within your means, this season so you can maintain good mental health-Dr. Amissah

Deputy Chief Executive of Mental Health Authority  Dr. Caroline Amisseh has advised Ghanaians not to over-stress themselves during this festive season.

In an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem on
Rainbow Radio 87.5 Fm, she was asked how to celebrate this festive season to avoid mental stress.

She responded that citizens must live within their means and avoid trying all unimaginable ways to satisfy everyone just to keep them happy.

She further said the public should not allow how others celebrate the festive season to force them to do the unthinkable.

According to her, such stress could lead them to engage in unlawful acts just so they could satisfy others.

She said there are a lot of people who go overboard in terms of them celebrating this festive season such as taking in excessive alcohol and other substances for them to engage in an obscene act which will not help them and their mental health.

She also said our genetic composition is different so if someone takes in alcohol and nothing happens to them, it does not mean you could do the same.

She also asked those with resources to be measured in their celebration and also extend a hand to those who do not have and especially deprived ones who are still at the mental hospitals.

She lastly gave her advice to Ghanaians to be cautious because COVID- 19 is real and must obey all the protocols involve to sustain from getting infected during this festive season and after.

By: Margaret Ohemaa Sarfowaa Ntow

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