Lies, attitude, the behaviour of Bawumia is like the dog going back for its vomit-NDC Man

A communication team member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Eric Sosu has taken a swipe at Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, describing him as a liar and a politician who lacks integrity.

Mr. Sosu believes the Vice President has created for himself a tag as one of Ghana’s most insincere political leaders.

He was reacting to the budget statement presented before Parliament on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

He indicated that the behaviour, attitude, and statements by the Vice President can be attributed to a dog that vomits and takes the vomit back.

He posited that the NPP and their ‘so-called’ ‘Economic Messiah’ told Ghanaians they would move Ghana from taxation to production but they have done the opposite.

He asserted that the NPP has worsened the plight of Ghanaians by imposing nuisance taxes on them.

“When they were in opposition, they promised not to impose nuisance taxes on Ghanaians but today, they have imposed nuisance taxes on us. They promised not to borrow but they have borrowed more than any government in Ghana’s history. He told Ghanaians there was no need to tax momo users but today, they have introduced a mono levy.

The attitude, the lies, the behaviour, and the demeanour of Dr. Bawumia can be likened to the dog that has vomited and swallowed it back. His attitude and behaviour are like the dog that had vomited and gone back for the vomit,” he stressed.


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