Learning to say sorry can reverse curses, prolong your life-Host

Host of Weekend Show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifri has opined several individuals are experiencing pain and challenges because they have refused to apologize for the wrong they committed against others.

According to him, people have lied against friends, work colleagues and their own family for their selfish gains but are leaving the negative effects today.

He said it takes just an apology to escape the wrath and curses invoke on people but there are others who are stubborn and will not apologize for their wrongdoing.

He indicated that there are people who are finding it difficult to find jobs, husbands, wives, promotion or progress in life because they have failed to apologize to people they have erred.

In his view, saying sorry for wrongdoing can open doors of opportunities for people and prolong their lives, hence Ghanaians must learn to say sorry when they wrong others.

The host also spoke against young people who insult their leaders, adding, they have cursed for doing that.

He further advised children to make peace with their parents before they pass on to eternity.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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