Lawyer calls for review of pass mark for entrance exam, improved standards at law faculties

Private legal practitioner lawyer Tachie Antiedu has blamed the mass failure in the law School entrance exams on the falling standards at the various law faculties across the various Universities in the country.

He said the issue of mass failure has been with us and will continue to be with us and not only limited to Ghana but other African countries.

The lawyer posited that in the past there were strict measures to ensure that lawyers who were trained were up to the task.

He explained that if we want to expand the study of law to our universities, then the standard must not be compromised.

After results of the 2020 Entrance Examination Results for admission to the Ghana School of Law (GSL) was praised as “progressive and commendable”, this year “only” 28% who sat for the exams this year passed.

A publication by the Independent Examination Committee of the General Legal Council (GLC) last year showed 1045 students passed the 2020 Law School Entrance Examination out of a total of 2720 candidates representing 38% pass rate.

This year however, 790 students out of 2824 passed representing a 28% pass rate, a 10% drop.

The lawyer commenting on the matter admonished authorities to review the pass mark for the entrance exams.

He indicated that the pass mark must be reviewed to ensure that several persons are admitted.

He said the study of law has expanded compared to the past, and several universities are teaching LLB.

He said to ensure the standards are maintained, the various law faculties in the various universities lawyers who made it to Makola were well prepared and baked for the adventure.


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