Lawyer abandons 2nd accused person in alleged Kasoa ritual killing saga

Private legal practitioner Samuel Atuah, who has been representing the two ‘Kasoa boys’ accused of allegedly killing a 10-year-old Ishmael Mensah Abdullah has withdrawn his services for the 2nd Accused person, Nicholas Kani.

The lawyer explained to the court on Wednesday that he would not be able to simultaneously represent the two accused persons since their interests did not align.

He told the court presided over by Her Ladyship, Lydia Osei Marfo that “A1 [Felix Nyarko] “seeks to admit the offense while A2 [Nicholas Kwame] denies the same.

“In view of this and for the interest of the accused persons I would not be able to represent both of them. I have decided to represent A1 [Felix Nyarko] while A2 [Nicholas Kwame] looks for another lawyer to represent him.”

The judge was then compelled to adjourn the case after she had instructed that a lawyer be found for the accused person.

However, another private legal practitioner agreed to represent the 2nd accused person.

The judge then adjourned the case to Thursday, May, 12 for the jury to be empanelled.


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