Lack of competent people, infrastructure, policy affecting sports development-Dr. Bello

Technical advisor to the Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif, Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, has reiterated that there are no sports in Ghana that can progress if it is not started from the grassroots.

Appearing on Total Sports Review on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the Sports Director at the University of Ghana underscored the need for us to concentrate on nurturing talents from the grassroots.

To be able to nurture, develop you need so many things including infrastructure, equipment, facilities, human resource, and competent minds.

He opined that Ghana lacks the needs human resources to help develop sports in the country.

Speaking to host Worlanyo Wallace, he bemoaned the lack of sports-related courses in our universities.

He said the courses usually studied in Ghana are limited to only physical education when we could expand and have people study sports medicine, administration, sports psychology among others.

Dr. Bello maintained that these are the things that can help us develop sports in Ghana.

On the issue of talents, he said we can develop, manage and nurture talents, at the grassroots level including, from the schools and those without any educational background.

He asserted that grassroots sports are dead in Ghana, and it was proper for us to go back to the drawing board and receive it, especially the inter-school sports competitions.

He said Ghana has not been smart enough to design policies to match the changing educational systems.

The development of sports at the grassroots level, he added, comes with a strategy, a policy and we do not have them in Ghana.


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