Kwanyako SHS old Students ‘fight’ chief over a decision to change the name of the school

The Kwanyako Senior High School Old Students Association is fighting the community chief, Nana AMPEM Darko, over his desire to change the school’s name to his (AMPEM DARKO SENIOR HIGH TECHNICAL SCHOOL).

Patrick Dede Nyarko, president of the old students association, told Nyankonton Mu Nsem that if the chief succeeds in changing the name of the institution, they (old students) will seize any aid that it has ever given.

He stated that the chief could not make the decision to change the school’s name because it was not right and proper.

“Changing the name of the school will remove its identity, which we have known for the past 40 years.” We are requesting assistance in dealing with this issue. It is not something we should promote.

The chief claims that he was the one who allocated the land for the school’s construction. However, our investigation revealed that it was false. “The land on which the school was built came from different and identifiable families,” he added.


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