Kwabena Kwabena has a deeper understanding of gospel music than most gospel musicians- Ohemaa Mercy

Celebrated gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy has said contrary to the negative perceptions people have about high-life musician Kwabena Kwabena, he is someone who has a deeper understanding of the word of God.

According to her, Kwabena Kwabena has been very instrumental to her career as a musician and the arrangement of her songs.

Speaking on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Ohemaa Mercy told host Sokoohemaa Kukua that Kwabena Kwabena has a gentle soul and until you get closer to him, you would misjudge him.

She was mentioning the names of individuals who have contributed to her career and success in the industry.

He mentioned Kaywa, Nacee, Kwesi Oteng, Joe Mettle and Kwabena Kwabena.

It was at this point the host probed further to find out the contribution of Kwabena Kwabena and the musician in her response said “God has gifted him in terms of arrangements. There are some quality messages God has also gifted him with. I remember when I was working on ‘Otememu’ he helped rearrange the song and directed in composing the song”.

One thing people don’t know about Kwabena Kwabena is that his father is an Apostolic and he was brought up in the fear of God. He has special gifts and when it comes to the things of God, he has a different touch on them. And when you get close to him, you will be shocked. Sometimes when we are chatting, I ask why he does not want to pursue gospel music, he will tell me he would pursue it when he is ready. His understanding of the gospel is far superior compared to those who are gospel musicians”.

She further revealed that she had on several occasions urged the musician to pursue a career in the gospel industry but his response has always been that he was not prepared.

“He told me that he did not want to joke with gospel music because it’s something serious and that he was not ready, and would pursue it when he is fully prepared.”


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