Kumerica is a popular trend in the UK now-DJ Invincible

A Ghanaian DJ based in the United Kingdom DJ Invincible has disclosed on Rainbow Entertainment that the Kumerica has gained popularity in the UK.

Speaking to host DJ Slash, the DJ said top rated bloggers in the UK are all authoring articles on the new social media trend.

He encouraged those who are behind it to hold unto it well, package it so those who are the UK will also promote it.

He classified it under drone music saying he said a video of the Kumerica guys ad that has caught the attention of entertainment journalists in the UK.

He explained drone music is not only popular in the UK but France and other parts of the world.

Drone music, drone-based music, or simply drone, is a minimalist genre that emphasizes the use of sustained sounds, notes, or tone clusters – called drones.

It is typically characterized by lengthy audio programs with relatively slight harmonic variations throughout each piece.

The word “Kumerica” has become a new trend and word in the country.

Residents and top celebrities as well as politicians have associated themselves with the trend.

While some have merely resort to making fun of the newly generated name, others have been able to make money from the new word by printing T-shirts, and brooches among other things.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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