Keep increasing fuel, we will show you in 2024-Drivers to NPP

Some drivers across the nation have expressed worry over the rampant increment in fuel prices.

Drivers woke up Monday morning only to discover at the pumps that fuel prices had gone up.

Reporters from Rainbow Radio who reported from the various regions indicated that commercial drivers have expressed worry over the issue.

According to the drivers, the increment in fuel prices has been rampant under this government.

Reporting from Kumasi, Abdul Malik Anokye said the drivers have warned the government to address the issue or face the consequences in 2024.

Some of the drivers he spoke to were worried at the poor roads in some parts of the region adding that, although there is always an increment in fuel prices, we don’t have motorable roads in some parts of the region.

“This is a caution to the ruling government. They should keep increasing the fuel, we will show them in2024. They want to break the 8 but are insensitive to the plight of the poor. 2024 in just around the corner, we will show them,” one of the drivers said.

Reporting from the Eastern Region, Prince Collins Bening said drivers in Adeiso are disappointed in the government.

He said some of the drivers recounted how in the past, increment in fuel prices are relayed in the media so drivers would be aware.

But in recent times, this is not done and drivers only get to the pumps and are hit with the surprise of fuel increment.

“In the past, drivers were informed in the media of increments. But in recent times, this is no longer done. The rampant increment in fuel prices is affecting our sales and giving drivers serious challenges. We are finding difficult to make any profit from our work. 2024 is approaching, we will advice ourselves,” a driver said.

The drivers in Adeiso and other parts of the region complained of poor roads and appealed to the government to repair their poor roads.

Daniel Konto who reported from Accra had similar complaints from the drivers.

He reported that the drivers were not happy and wants their unions to engage the government on a possible increment in transport fares.

The drivers also complained bitterly over the rampant increment on fuel prices.

They also hinted of plans of a possible increment in transport fares.

Meanwhile, transport operators are meeting in Accra today over the recent fuel prices increments.

Ghanaians were waiting for reduction of fuel prices by the end of this month, but just Sunday, prices have been increased by 12pesewas.

A litre of petrol and diesel now sells at GHS6.350, bringing a gallon to GHS25.40.

It is in line with these and many other reasons that the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC), Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), the Transport Ministry, and others are meeting over the issue.

General Secretary of GRTCC, Ohene Yeboah, confirmed the meeting to Nyankonton Mu Nsem.


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