Kasoa calls for more than the usual talking-Kwaku Azar writes

The money mallam who was working with the kids must be charged as a criminal co-conspirator. But that is not enough!

The money mallam industry (MMI), in all its facets, must be criminalized and put out of business permanently.

There is no reason why any station that broadcasts easy money services, whether in the form of mallams, occultists, spiritualists, etc., should maintain its broadcast license or be allowed continued access to the broadcast waves.

If it is a crime to advertise or give notice in newspapers relating to fortune palmistry, astrology, or the use of any subtle craft, means, or device, whereby it is sought to deceive or likely to deceive any member of the public, then it should be equally criminal to do so on the broadcast waves.

After all the primary, if not the sole purpose, of the MMI is to defraud by false pretense, itself an independent ground for shutting down these broadcast stations and punishing the Mallams and their co-conspirator broadcasters.

We cannot continue croaking, like frogs, while our broadcast stations act like lions to promote deception of the public, including children.
But that too is not enough!

It is also time for the nation to speak in unison against unexplained wealth.
In this regard, it is time to pass laws that empower the high court to issue an unexplained wealth order in respect of any property if it satisfied that a politically exposed person’s lawful income is insufficient to allow him to obtain the property in question.

Finally, it is time to affirm that every corner of this country is entitled to being represented in Parliament and that no Commission can disenfranchise any areas, whether out of negligence, recklessness, willfulness or malice.

In that final regard, #SALL is the cardinal sin of the 8th Parliament.
Da Yie!

By: Professor Kwaku Asare [Kwaku Azar]

Kwaku Azar is a Lawyer and Accounting Professor

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