Judicial Service auctions 19 vehicles to Judges without approval- 2021 A-G report

According to the 2021 Auditor-General’s report, the Judicial Service auctioned off 19 official vehicles to some Judges in 2021 without the Finance Ministry’s approval.

The Auditor-General, in an examination of Transport Unit records for 2021 revealed that “19 official vehicles were auctioned off by the Service for GH1,023,507.96 without the Minister of Finance’s approval.”

This was captured in paragraph 739 of the Auditor-report, General’s which was submitted to Parliament by Mr. Johnson Asiedu.

Below is the list of the Judges who benefited from the auction.

  1. H/L Justice F. G. Korbieh Toyota Land Cruiser GR 8132-17 GHC57,975.00
  2. H/L Justice N. S. Gbadegbe Toyota Land Cruiser GR 4158-17 GHC67,047.00
  3. H/L Justice N. S. Gbadegbe Toyota Avalon Saloon GR 2777-14 GHC27,570.90
  4. H/W Charles Y. Boateng Toyota Corolla Saloon GM 8311-13 GHC9,090.00
  5. H/L Justice Julius Ansah Toyota Land Cruiser GR 4128-17 GHC75,643.00
  6. H/L Justice Julius Ansah Toyota Avalon Saloon GT 2774-14 GHC40,920.06
  7. H/L Justice Asmah K. Asiedu Toyota Corolla Saloon GN 4997-13 GHC8,399.00
  8. Robert Cudjoe Toyota Corolla Saloon GM 9231-13 GHC12,687.00
  9. H/L Justice Lawrence L Mensah Toyota Land Cruiser GR 1902-17 GHC67,192.00
  10. H/L Barbara W. Acquah Toyota FortunerStation Wagon GN 57-18 GHC92,914.00
  11. H/L Thomas Ofedie Toyota Corolla Saloon GM 6826-13 GHC7,509.00
  12. H/L Justice Jennifer A Tagoe Toyota Fortuner-SUV GT 75-18 GHC87,887.00
  13. H/L Justice E. K. Mensah Toyota Fortuner-SUV GT 30-18 GHC59,000.00
  14. H/L Justice N. C. Agbevor Toyota Land Cruiser GT 796-19 GHC123,620.00
  15. H/L Elizabeth Ankumah Toyota Fortuner-SUV GT 39-18 GHC107,271.00
  16. H/L Justice Yaw Appau Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (v8) GR 6590-17 GHC 56,606.00
  17. H/L Justice Yaw Appau Toyota Avalon saloon GT 2945-14 GHC48,632.00
  18. H/L Justice Jacob B. Boon Toyota Avensis GM 517-15 GHC13,100.00
  19. H/L Justice Nathaniel Osam Toyota Fortuner SUV GT 49-18 GHC60,445.00

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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