Judge lifts gag order in Kenya presidential polls case

A Kenyan judge has declared unlawful an order by the Supreme Court gagging lawyers and litigants from commenting on a presidential election petition while it is still being heard, local media reports.

The gag order was announced two months ago.

It was meant to stop those involved in the petition from “prejudicing or impeding court proceedings, until judgment is delivered”, Chief Justice Martha Koome had said.

But on Wednesday, High Court Judge Mugure Thande said the order failed to adhere to public participation requirements and usurped the authority of parliament, the Daily Nation newspaper reports.

Justice Thande’s ruling essentially opens a race between the political sides to shape the public narrative of the expected case that Raila Odinga could file at the Supreme Court if he takes the legal route.

According to the official results, Mr Odinga narrowly lost to Deputy President William Ruto. He has rejected the results as “null and void”.

Source: BBC

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