Chief destooled for engaging in galamsey

The Paramount Chief of Aowin Nana Tano Kwao I has been destooled by the kingmakers for his alleged involvement in illegal mining popularly known as galamsey.

The traditional leaders say the chief has denigrated the stool, dragged the name of the stool under the mud.

Nana Kwame Nkansah II, who is the kingmaker and Adumhene and gazetted chief said they took the action because the chief was abusing his oath of office, entertained illegal miners and encouraged them to mine despite the ban on galamsey.

He indicated that they expected the chief to have exhibited a high sense of discipline, obedience and respect for the stool but failed to do so.

He said he informed his other traditional leaders about the decision he had taken and was given the support to perform the needed rituals to destool him.

According to him, a chief is not allowed to slaughter a sheep or any other animal and invoke a curse on people but the destooled chief invoked curses on some personalities in the community.

He also alleged that the chief slept and impregnated his niece, an act he described as a sacrilege to the stool.

”We cannot allow a chief who slept with his niece to rule us. He goes about seizing excavators from illegal miners, extort money from them before handing over these machines back to them. We expected him to have reported these activities to the police but he failed to do so. He was entertaining illegal mining and due to that, they bought him two vehicles with one registered and the other unregistered. That was why we destooled him. I have already slaughtered a sheep at the palace to signify his destoolment.”

”Aside from all these violations, he had also ordered people to assault some youth at the palace leading to bloodshed, it was unlawfully and unacceptable. He was present when the victims were assaulted. We have also sued him in court over the assault but he has never appeared,” he added.

He said the embattled chief also accused the police commander in the community falsely when he saw he was after him for engaging in galamsey.

He said the chief has also been asked to vacate the palace hence be responsible for the aftermath.

He appealed to the residents and the general public not to entertain him as chief.

”He is no longer our chief. We want to appeal to the government to take note of that. We want to also appeal to the residents not to entertain him as chief. If he comes to you to demand money, call for his arrest,” he concluded.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal


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