It’s strange how parties oppose EC in opposition & do otherwise when in power-Lawyer

U.S-based Ghanaian influencer, academic and activist, Prof Stephen Kwaku Asare, popularly known as Kwaku Azar has slammed political parties over what he has termed as double standards.

In another opinion he expressed on the cost of filking fee and the reactions from political parties, he quizzed when in power, they, side with the EC on such decisions and yet speak against these same decisions when in opposition.

In his post, the lawyer wrote: ”I struggle to understand why people who oppose high EC filing fees when in opposition suddenly embrace even higher filing fees when they are in government.

I struggle to understand why people who are strenuously against big government suddenly embrace even bigger government when they are in government.

I cannot understand why one can be vigorously against corruption in opposition but find nothing wrong with corruption when in government.

It seems for too many of us where we stand on issues depends on where we sit.

Can we build a prosperous nation without a commitment to ideology, core beliefs or principles?”

The EC has justified charging GHc100,000 as filing fee for the presidential election.

The figure has been widely criticised but a Deputy Director of the EC Dr. Bossman Eric Asare insisted that the increment is in tandem with the value of the currency.

“In each particular year, it is important you look at the value of GHS50,000 in 2016, then compare it to GHS50,000 in 2020 then you will notice that the Commission has not increased it much. And even when you look at the [filing fee for] parliamentary [aspirants], the GHS10,000, you will realise that the Commission has reduced the price because we all know that GHS10,000 in 2016, is not the same as GHS10,000 in 2020. The Commission is doing this to promote multiparty democracy.”

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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