It would be our interest, our children to kick NPP out-Opoku-Agyemang

The vice-presidential candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyeman has admonished Ghanaians to vote on December 7 for the NDC to save the future of the country and that of their children.

According to her, it would be in our own interest to vote for the NDC and candidate Mahama.

“We are voting to save our country, we are voting for the future of our children and children’s children; it is in your own interest to do the right thing,” the former University of Cape Coast Vice-Chancellor wrote on Facebook Sunday.

Read her full message below

When I accepted the nomination as running mate to John Mahama, I was clear in my mind that I was going to be at the center of a historic effort.

However, to say that I anticipated the overwhelmingly positive reaction would be to downplay the depth of this wonderful experience. As I toured the country, I received an abundance of love that energizes me as we wind down this campaign. I also saw first hand, many parts of our country whose dreams and hopes depend on honest and competent leadership.

John Mahama and I will live up to this task. We pledge to you, that under our leadership, no citizen will be forgotten. We will build a thriving Ghana that extends opportunities to all citizens regardless of status and background.

John Mahama and I have given it our all. We have spread the good news of The People’s Manifesto to every corner of our beloved country. Now it is time for you to go out there and finish off this race in victory and in style.

We stand for unity, we stand for progress. We ask you to vote for the NDC to bring development, inclusion, peace and prosperity. Vote for a government who will safeguard our natural resources and our national assets for the benefit of ALL Ghanaians, not just a select few. Obiara ka ho!

We stand at the cusp of history. To my fellow sisters, I ask for your prayers and support as we finally attempt to make real the dreams of so many women who came before me and the generations of women who are yet to come. I pledge to carry your voices forward for as long as I remain in service to God and country.

Now, let’s go make history! Let’s go win this election. The time is now!
Vote #2 for John Mahama. Vote #2 for the NDC parliamentary candidate in your constituency. Vote for the great party, the National Democratic Congress.

May God give us victory!


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