It will not be easy to defeat Muntaka but he should prepare for 2024-NPP

The Ashanti Regional Nasara Coordinator for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Saalim Mansur Bamba, has admitted that it would be difficult for the party to snatch the Asawase constituency seat from Muntaka Mubarak.

He said the constituency is predominantly a Zongo community and the residents have consistently voted for the NDC over the years.

However, the NPP is gaining ground with some young people now finding our ideologies and policies far superior to that of the NDC.

The youth he argued have now realized that the NPP does not take Muslims for granted.

He said the legislator is a fine gentleman and has been an MP for years and also loved by some people for what he has achieved whereas they are others who believe he has achieved nothing.

He said it will therefore take the NPP a long time to snatch the seat from the NDC just as it will take the NDC a longer time to snatch the Manhyia South seat from the NPP.

He revealed they hoped to have snatched the seat but they failed due to several factors that may include the choice of candidate, lack of unity among others.

The NPP he advised must do a postmortem and develop new strategies in subsequent elections.

The Coordinator added during the campaign period, the NDC intensified and developed strategies because they saw a possible defeat.

He stated the NPP will come back stronger and by 2024, they will snatch the seat from the NDC.


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