It was insulting for Takyi Arhin to describe the behaviour of Hearts of Oak coach as a supporter-

Frimpong Manso, a former Kotoko player, believes it was disrespectful for Aduana Stars coach Mr. Takyi Arhin to refer to Hearts of Oak coach behaviour during the game as a supporter.

According to him, he went below the belt in making such claims.

Mr. Takyi Arhin, speaking to the media after their game against Hearts of Oak, called the coach a supporter.

This came after he had been yellow-carded for actions that the referee deemed to be against the rules of the game.

Takyi Arhin responded by asking the team to advise their coach because he did not behave well.

“Hearts of Oak should advise with their coach. His behaviour was more than that of a fan. He must learn to control his temper. Hearts is a large team that has been around for over a century. The players must also exercise self-discipline. They eventually started punching our players. They realised we were better than them, so they began to play an unfair game. However, we have demonstrated to them that Aduana is a larger and more disciplined team.”

In response to these remarks, the former Kotoko player stated that Mr. Arhin’s remarks were insulting and should not have been made.

He stated that if he were in the same situation as the Hearts of Oak coach, he could have the same.

Speaking to Rainbow Sports’ Andrews Kwabena Gyasi (Fantastic K-Gee), he said the coach should try to control his temper when on the bench.


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