It is vital to have the father figure when raising the adolescent male-Mother

Minister Zeida Ansah, CEO Creators Consult, has posited that women have a contribution towards raising the adolescent male child.

She indicated raising the adolescent male child is the responsibility of both parents and a one-sided approach.

The woman who was contributing to the topic ‘Raising the Adolescent Male’ on Listen, a radio show on Rainbow Radio 87.5 Fm, said it would be holistic for both parents to raise their children and not just the male child.

Raising, children, she explained is not the sole responsibility of the mother or the father alone.

She told host Nathalie Takyi that in the wisdom of God, not the mother and father have a responsibility to raise their children.

She argued children come from a family and a home, hence, it is a collective responsibility of both parents to raise the child.

She further admitted the male child is a dynamic specie and troublesome.
Minister Zeida Ansah said raising and transforming the male child is extremely difficult.

”It is vital to be guided and ensure you impact the male child, so, they would grow and come responsible adults”, she added.

She said male children would need role models to guide them, and at a point, their egos would have to be managed.

Women, she said, are soft in managing the egos of the male child, and when the man is not there to manage them, you could have challenges.


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