It is unfounded to ask Prez to reduce the size of gov’t because of IMF- Nitiwul

The Minister of Defence, Dominic Nitiwul, has disagreed with calls on the President to reduce the number of its appointees amid negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for a bailout.

The Minister says he disagrees with these calls since they are not justified.

According to him, such calls are unfounded, adding that the current economic challenges are not being influenced by the current size of government.

“Generally, how much is a Minister paid…that you think that the failure to reduce the Ministers is the reason Ghanaians are suffering? It may not be necessarily the case…Mahama’s government had between 85 and 86, we have similar numbers now, so to pin it [size of government] on the suffering of the masses is far-fetched,” he argued.

On the issue of the cathedral and t5he need for the government to stop sponsoring the project, the Minister said it was bad for the state to sponsor the project.

“If you tell me Government has no place in helping the church where a catholic and Pentecostal can worship, it is not fair. The government continues to spend on religious bodies. We may criticize all that is being done, but let us not criticize what is being done for God.”


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