It is too early to measure the impact of E-Levy- CEO, MTN Group

Chief Executive Officer of MTN Group, Ralph Mupita, has opined it was “early days yet” in assessing the impact of the E-Levy.

He explained that “There is a balancing here that needs to be carefully thought of around the investment in the digital ecosystem.”

According to him, the reason why digital payments keep increasing was because it is resolving the issue of of digital inclusion.

He said “the reason you see digital payments rising is that actually, we are solving the problem of financial inclusion.”

He further asserted that traditional banking systems do not have the depth to drive financial inclusion.

He there wants the economy to shift towards more services, with the digital ecosystem playing a bigger role.

“We [MTN[ are going to continue to invest in driving an expansion of the digital ecosystem to enable eCommerce,” Mr. Mupita said.

In his view, e-commerce is heading towards a stage where it will “sustain small and medium scale enterprises that need specific solutions to make their businesses successful.”


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