It is not illegal for NCA to instruct telcos to block sims; they’ve the power to do so- Lawyer

A private legal practitioner lawyer Adu Tutu Junior says the National Communication Authority (NCA) has not breached any law in instructing the telecommunication networks to block persons who have not re-registered their sim cards.

Speaking on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Frontline, he stated that there is no specific law that requires the NCA to instruct telcos to block sims, but the law that established the NCA requires them to regulate telco services.

“The NCA also reports directly to the Ministry of Communications, and they follow any directives issued by the Ministry.”

The lawyer also argued that the NCA does not need an L.I before instructing the telcos to block the sims.

He emphasized that the NCA has the authority to regulate telco operations under the National Communication Act, and that they do not need new laws to do so.

“The law that established the NCA is sufficient to give them the authority to instruct telcos to block the sims of those who have not registered. They don’t need new laws before ordering telcos to block unregistered sin cards.”

As a result, he has asked Ghanaians to re-register their sim cards, citing the numerous advantages.

He stated that despite the challenges that the exercise faces and the difficulties that Ghanaians face, The primary goal of the exercise is to prevent fraud and ensure system security.


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