Is the Abofu Odaw Drainage now a dumpsite?

Checks by have revealed that residents living in around Abofu, a suburb of Achimota in the Greater Accra Region, have turned the Odaw River drain area into a dumpsite.

Our team who visited the site saw a heap of rubbish along the concrete walls of the drain along with the overhead.

The situation if not checked, could worsen and lead to an outbreak of cholera and other communicable diseases.

Meanwhile, part of the concrete walls of the Odaw River drain, stretching from Santana to the New Achimota overhead, have caved in, causing floods in the area during downpours.

More than 10 large slabs on both sides of the drain had collapsed into the river, a situation that could lead a disaster.

The collapsed slaps have exposed the soil at the river bank to massive erosion that is eating close to the fence walls of nearby buildings.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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