I’m the originator of comedy skits in Ghana-Ajeezay

Ghanaian Comedian, Ajeezay De NonfaKing, known in real life as Nathaniel Mensah says he is the originator comic skits in Ghana.

The comedian who graduated from the University of Cape Coast with First Class Honours in Educational Science said his online presence is unmatched and no comedian in Ghana can compare their online presence to his.

He disclosed this on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm with sit-in host Summy Brown.

The comedian noted his skits paved way for comedian Kalybos and others to also pursue that path.

According to him, he could not breakthrough massively with his skits at the time because his videos were not professionally done.

Ajeezay opined that acquiring higher academic qualification should not stop one from equally pursuing their passion.

He defined that as, pursue education and pursue education, adding, he has not regretted pursuing comedy although his family was snot in support of it.

Stand-up comedy in Ghana he stated does not really pay.

He advised upcoming comedians not to allow money to define them because when they want to be comedians because of money, they would be disappointed.

For him, it would be important for them to brand themselves well and churn out great contents.

By: Rashid Obodaia Provencal

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