I’m not the best person to rate the performance of fmr MCE- Awutu Senya East, MCE

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Awutu Senya East constituency Anita Love Obo Amissah has declined to rate the performance of her predecessor Mr. Michael Mensah.

According to her, it does not fall within her mandate to rate his performance.

She posited that the former MCE did what he could and has left and she has taken over.

But rating him would have to be done by those he served.

She explained that Mr. Mensah’s performance would best be rated by the residents of the municipality.

When asked to rate the performance of the former MCE, whom she replaced, she declined, stating, “Was that necessary?” I am not the one to evaluate him. He did his best, and I’ve taken over and am doing my part. It is not for me to evaluate him. His work will be judged by the people he served.

He did his job, and now he’s gone. Why should I give him a rating? We all have different leadership styles and ways of doing things. I don’t believe I am qualified to rate him.”

She was speaking on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, in a recent interview.

By: Rainbowradionline.com/Ghana

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