I’m not prepared to be a poodle, so I won’t coach any national team-J.E Sarpong

Respected Ghanaian coach J.E Sarpong has disclosed he will never accept to coach any of the national teams.

His reason to reject such an offer is that coaches of our national teams don’t have the liberty and freedom to operate freely.

He told Rainbow Sports that he was not prepared to be a poodle for the authorities behind Ghana’s football.

Coach Sarpong stated that the authorities would not allow you to do your work, they will dictate to you. I don’t want anyone to dictate to me. When I was attending my school, I did not go with anyone. I would not entertain any form of interference from anyone, and so, I am not prepared to accept any appointment to coach any of our national teams”.

The coach said the officials managing football in the country don’t speak the truth.

He added that the interference in the work of coaches is not helping and so, he would prefer not to be appointed to manage any of the national teams.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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