‘I’m not getting support from the media’-Wutah Kobby

Wutah Kobby, a member of defunct music duo Wutah has lamented the lack of support from the media after going solo.

He said he is getting the interviews and media appearances but his songs are not being played.

He says the feedback after going solo has been a phenomenon and people who appreciate good music will keep listening to his music.

Wutah Kobby told DJ Slash in an interview on Rainbow Entertainment over the weekend that he can’t be ruled out from the music scene because he is still popular.

The musician however complained bitterly about the lack of support from the media despite the great tunes he has released after going solo.

He admitted he is now building the Wutah Kobby brand but quickly added, the journey has been great and good.

”When it comes to quality music, you can’t take me out. When it comes to live music, you can’t go around me. When it comes to performance, you can’t go around me. Those are things that have been part of what I am doing now.”

Hee was hopeful his brand would make successful gains in the coming years.

Meanwhile, he has asked fans of Wutah not to expect a comeback from the group because such persons would be waiting for a ship at the Airport.

He told Ghanaians the group will no longer unite as a group again.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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