I’m going to stay with Lynx for a while-Kwame Eugene

Lynx Entertainment signee, Kwame Eugene has disclosed he is not ready to part ways with the record label.

Appearing on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Kwame Eugene described his manager Richie Mensah as a great manager with a good heart.

”There are a lot of things when you get closer to Richie, and you realise he does; not for himself. He does it to help others. Being close to Richie is going to take a while,” he told Sokoohemaa Kukua.

Kwame Eugene said, just like every worker deserves to be paid, he is reaping from his sweat at Lynx Entertainment.

”The fact that he is paying me working for him; I appreciate that and I say, may God bless him for that”, he added.

He added: ”since I am being paid, I am getting what I am due, I think I will be with Richie for a while.”

When asked if he was receiving a fair share of the work he was doing for the label, he said: ”yes. I am receiving 100% of what I deserve. My mum is okay now. I send her money when needs money, I have bought her a car, I have bought myself one. Life is okay now God being so God.”

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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