I’m better musically now than before-David Oscar

Muti-talented creative, David Oscar has admitted he has transformed musically now compared to when he started professional music.

The reggae dancehall artiste in an interview with DJ Slash on Rainbow Entertainment said in the past he was not particular about his composition but has taken time to technically invest in his music.

In the past, I was not technical about my composition but as I speak with, you, I have improved and invested in music to look good as compared to the past.

According to him, when he started, he didn’t know reggae dancehall had to sound in a particular way but he has learned his lessons.

He added, in the past, I was just a consumer but over time, I have improved. When we are producing now, we take our time. We just don’t produce because we want to put a record out there to impress anybody. We want to put out something that will last a span of time.”

He was in the studios to promote his latest track, Frenemies.

The musician said his decision to venture into music was not sudden but was a plan he had.

David Oscar added his songs are meant to enlighten Africans and free them from their mental slavery.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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