I’ll storm the church of Badu Kobi with Asante women if he does not apologise over his disrespectful comment-DJ Oxygen

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Oxzy FM, Alfred Kwame Larbi is known as DJ Oxygen, has taken a swipe at Prophet Badu Kobi over the latter’s description of Asante and Fante women as greedy and materialistic.

The controversial radio owner believes the comment by the man of God was disrespectful and tribal.

He has therefore challenged Fantes and Asantes to rise and demonstrate against the man of God.

The Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International. Prophet Badu Kobi has come under attack for describing Asantes as greedy and materialistic.

According to the controversial prophet, women who hail from the Ashanti region are greed, materialistic, disrespectful and money-conscious all other things being equal.

He stressed that Ashanti women who’re married hate to the brim is to see their husbands facing financial challenges.

He also asked men not to marry from Asantes due to their perceived greediness.

However, DJ Oxygen says the man of God has no respect for women, thus the Gender Ministry must react to the comment and shame the man of God.

He has also asked women from these tribes to boycott the prophet’s church as a sign of their protest and displeasure over the “unguarded” comment.

He has also threatened to storm the church premises of the man of God together with Asante women to demonstrate the man of God next week Sunday.

According to him, if Asantes does not leave his church, he will not respect them.

He said the Gender Ministry and women should demonstrate against him. If Asantes and Fante women fail to do so, I will not respect them. Women are novel and so they should be respected. The man of God has no respect for women. I am prepared to lead women to storm his church next week Sunday to demonstrate against him.”

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